How can you make sure to get your dream wedding photos?

It’s become common practice for couples to have photos taken throughout their wedding celebrations, but this practice all began in the photographic studio. It’s hard to imagine, but cameras and all the relevant equipment used to be so heavy that couples would visit the studio for a formal photo before the big moment, rather than on their actual wedding day.


In the 1970s, this all changed, and the documentary-style photography we’re all familiar with today became fashionable. Photographers are now employed for the whole day, not just for a set formal shoot, and so you can expect to enjoy many candid moments and different angles of your special moment.


Wedding photography takes skill, and your chosen photographer will be an expert in getting the best shots. But how can you help them out and ensure you get your dream wedding photos? We share our top tips.

Get comfortable with the camera

If you’re someone that has a tendency to freeze up, strike an awkward pose or even run away from the camera, you need to change this habit before your big day. Your photographer will do their best to blend in to get some candid shots, but there’s always some formal posed photos at weddings.


To look your best, you’ll need to be relaxed. Focus less on looking ‘perfect’, and rather just try to enjoy the moment and connect with the people around you. If you’re worried about doing this, it may help to have an engagement photoshoot, or at least get used to being captured on camera in your everyday life.

Get the timing right

Your wedding photography doesn’t stop after the ceremony and family photos. If you can get the timing right, blue hour photos can be truly magical. The blue hour occurs just before sunrise and just after sunset (given the timing of the typical wedding, the latter will be most relevant) and the sky is full of dramatic blue tones that preempt full darkness.


The effect often doesn’t last a full hour, so your photographer will need to be on the ball and whisk you out for a memorable couple’s photoshoot. The white of your wedding dress will stand out in particular, creating a striking image that pulls the focus towards you both. The sky will add a depth and contrast to the images that is hard to match in full sunlight. 


Trust your photographer

Your photographer is a professional, and they’ll have a lot of experience creating the sort of shots that you’re looking for. Lean into their direction and posing in order to get the most of your wedding photos – it might feel odd, but trust that it will look great on camera.


If you have specific images in mind, make sure to talk to your photographer in the months leading up to the wedding to ensure that they’re on board with your vision. Surprising them with requests on the day may mean that they don’t have the equipment they need, or they may run out of time for other images. Securing their services at least 9 months ahead of the wedding date will give you plenty of time for discussion and collaboration, creating a wedding photo album to be proud of.