Our Approach

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    Intimate Access

    As wedding photographers, we are in a unique position.We have a front row seat to the best moments of your wedding day, and we view that intimate access as a privilege and an opportunity. We will be by your side when you step into your dress, slip on your tux, see one another for the first time, and come back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. We will probably hear you call her ‘wife’ or him ‘hubby’ for the first time. We are present for your very last moments as fiancés and your very first memories as husband and wife. It’s an honor that we deeply treasure.

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    Remembering Your Day

    As you’re planning your celebration, many people may be telling you that your wedding day will fly by. That it will be difficult to savor the moments, visit with your guests, and enjoy the celebration. Before you know it, the day will be over, and you’ll be flying off to your honeymoon. While there is truth to this, we believe that it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case for you. We believe that you can remember much more of your wedding day than you ever thought possible, and we believe that we are the ones that can help you do it.

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    Celebrate & Savor

    We have walked through many wedding days with many couples, and, while we are unobtrusive and documentary in our approach, we have learned when to step in to slow you down and help you savor the most important moments. Moments that can go easily unnoticed like the sun setting over your reception, the sound of everyone you love celebrating at the cocktail hour, or the view of the ocean before you say ‘I do.’ We will help you pause, take a deep breath, and take it all in. Our job is to produce beautiful images. Your job is to celebrate and to savor.

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    Spark Your Memory

    We believe that your photographs should help you remember what you felt in the moment the shutter was released. When you see a gorgeous photo of your reception, we want you to hear the laughter, feel the warmth, and remember the joy that was present. Decades from now when you are looking through your wedding album, we want all of the sounds, feelings, and emotions from your wedding to come flooding back to you, because we believe that our photos should spark your memory – they shouldn’t replace it.

Our Process

Now that you know us and love us, the process from here is simple. We’ll start by getting to know your love story, and then we’ll put our time-honored process in motion to tell it beautifully. Learn more about the Jon Adams journey below.

The first step in the photography process with us is to sit down together or set up a time to talk over the phone (or Skype). Our couples live all over, so even if you’re not local toMilton, VT (or if life is busy – we get it), we can easily chat over the phone to connect and walk through the process. Either way, we’ll pour some tea, get to know each other, pick out an album, and reserve your date. Voila!
We believe that our couples deserve the very best, so we offer a very hands-on approach to photography. We’ll work closely with you and your coordinator to put together a perfect schedule of photography for your particular day and make sure every detail is in place so that you can focus on other important things. Like perfecting your cat-like dub-step dance moves for the dance party…
You tie the knot. We make some epic images. We all high five. We will have perfected a schedule of your photography and finalized a list of formal family portraits at least two weeks prior to your wedding, so when the day arrives, you won’t have to think about photography logistics one bit. We will take care of capturing your most precious memories from start to finish – from slipping on your dress until you dance the night away. While you’re flying off to your honeymoon, our talented editors will begin selecting and perfecting your images for generations to enjoy!

After the wedding, we’ll select the best images from the celebration and share our favorites via the blog, Facebook, Instagram, and carrier pigeon. You’ll love them all. This is the time to sit back, enjoy reliving the memories from your special day, and share the blog posts with friends and family.

Important Disclaimer: We cannot be held fully responsible for how amazing you will look and any tears of joy from the resulting images.

We’ll have the rest of your final images ready to view in an online gallery four weeks after the wedding, and an album design will be presented within six weeks. At this point, we’ll begin perfecting your albums as well as selecting your favorite images to produce fine-art prints for your home. This is one of the most important steps in the process (but sadly the most forgotten or ignored), because this is time that we will help you preserve your images for generations to come. Because your memories should live in a frame on your desk – not on a USB in a drawer.

Our Albums

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    The Purpose

    We believe – without a doubt – that our images look their very best when printed in the pages of a wedding album, not because you can immediately enjoy and share the images with those you love – that is the amazing purpose of web media. Instead, we believe our images look their very best in print because, unlike DVDs and Facebook, albums are built to last for generations.

    With this generational purpose in mind, we keep our albums strong and classic. Simple in structure and clean in design, they are built by hand by expert craftsman and also made in the USA.

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    Strong and Classic

    All of our albums are Flushmount albums, which means that your wedding images will be printed directly onto the album pages, they can bleed off of the edge of the page, and they can also go straight across the center seam with no gap in the middle. The pages are thick and hard, so these are substantial books that are built with the latest in book-binding technology.

    We offer two different styles of Flushmount albums – the Standard Leather Album and the Artisan Leather Album. They also come in two different sizes – 10×10 or 12×12.

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    The Standard Leather Album

    Our Standard Leather Album is our simplest and most classic option.

    You get to choose from a variety of colors for your leather cover, and the printing on the inside is on beautiful Lustre paper, which gives your images a crisp, bright, and true-to-life feel. You can choose a 10×10 or 12×12 size for your album (I’m a fan of the 12×12).

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    The Parent Album

    Our most popular add-on with our photography collections is our parent album. These are a duplicate of the main album – same style of album (Artisan or Standard) with the same design and images on the inside – it’s just a smaller album for your parents to have. Our parent albums begin at 8×8, but many of our parents upgrade to a 10×10. We can also do custom designs for parents, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Love Letters

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    Lindsay & Joseph

    The images are FABULOUS!!!!!

    Jon and his colleague did a wonderful job capturing our special day, our love for each other, and helped my husband and I forget about the bumpy road we were going to have ahead of us when my husband was going to start his cancer treatments shortly after our wedding. Jon and Eric were very professional and I loved the fact that I could “sit back” and enjoy our special day without having to worry about what pictures I wanted captured. And the pictures….Let me tell you….They are FABULOUS!!!!! I have never been a fan of getting my picture taken but something about Jon and his professionalism just made me feel that much more comfortable in front of the camera and the pictures our proof of that. I could not have been any happier with how well our engagement and wedding pictures turned out. It is making my husband and I look forward to having a baby one day so we can work with Jon again.



    Anila & Steven

    The wedding and reception photos came out better than I could have imagined.

    Jon did a great job taking our engagement photos, this was a great chance to get to meet him and see his work before our big day. On our wedding day he met me at The Essex where he photographed me and my bridesmaids getting out hair and makeup done. These photos were very candid and I loved them. The wedding and reception photos came out better than I could have imagined. They captured the true happiness that surrounded our day.

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    Steven & Sarah

    He created images you would only expect a high end photographer to create.

    John was very responsive to all questions, he traveled to NY from VT in order to do the engagement photos. He had great ideas for shoots and responded positively to requests from us.

    During the wedding and reception he blended into the background very well while still getting the shots you would expect a high end photographer to grab.

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    Katja & Andrew

    I was taken aback with how I looked [ in the photos] and it just made me more confident for my big day.

    Jon’s photos were gorgeous- he is very creative but also responsive to whatever you want or need for your event. He met with me to just talk about what I wanted and go over his process, so I was never confused or in the dark with communication. The engagement session was fun and free and he made us feel comfortable with the shots and allotted as much time as we needed. The day of the wedding, he brought along another excellent photographer who was able to tag along with my husband’s party, which was so good to be able to capture both sides of the party equally. Jon was a good calming presence to be around on the big day too, and never got in the way or made people uncomfortable. As I was getting dressed, he showed me a shot on his camera screen so I could see what his camera was seeing- I was taken aback with how I looked and it just made me more confident for my big day! Jon’s great- I would highly recommend his photography services.

  • 2015-07-25_0047.jpg

    Tim & Christine

    I was amazed at not only how amazing the pictures were but how every moment that I wanted of my wedding captured, was!

    I could not have asked for a better photographer than Jon for my wedding. After getting the pictures back I was amazed at not only how amazing the pictures were but how every moment that I wanted of my wedding captured, was! Jon was the perfect balance of professional and fun to work with. I never felt uncomfortable or unable to enjoy my day. It was as though he and his second photographer were not even there, yet captured everything!

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    Lindsay & Sam

    Every single one is beautiful and when I look back at them it makes me smile.

    Amazing! I couldn’t be happier with how my wedding photos turned out. Every single one is beautiful and when I look back at them it makes me smile to see that Jon was able to capture the true emotions of the day. I felt extremely comfortable with Jon and not once did I have to question that the results of my photographer would be less then perfect. Coming from a perfectionist that is a huge compliment! I highly recommend Jon Adams photography!

  • 0132Robtoy

    Nicole & Dusten

    You were discreet and we didn’t even notice you during the ceremony and reception.

    You did great, very professional , loved having the 2 photographers. And having the 2 photographers, you were discreet and we didn’t even notice you during the ceremony and reception, but you were able to take some wonderful pictures. We were very happy with the books . We will always treasure the shots you took of the Father- Daughter dance. Thank you so much Jon, I can’t wait to see the maternity and baby pictures you will be taking!

The Investment

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    I know how important this special day is to you, and that your pictures become valuable memories shared and treasured over the years. All packages include full-day coverage. I don’t rush, limit coverage, charge by the hour, or share my time on the day with anyone else.

    I won’t be a stranger. A free engagement portrait is my gift to you. During this session, I discuss the images and style you desire and get a chance to meet and create images in a relaxed setting before the big day.

    I mix traditional, formal, and photojournalism coverage into a DVD show telling the story of the entire wedding and the people who share your joy as you enter married life. This show is yours to keep, and can be used to select images for print or a custom flush-mount album. I provide online proofing for you and your guests with every wedding.

    I love photography, wedding photography most of all. Please call or email and arrange an initial meeting so I can craft coverage that matches your style and desires. 

    (Scroll right to see my packages)

  • 20160326EDGendron0041

    Premier Collection // $4200

    • All Day Photographic Coverage
    • Two Photographers
    • Handcrafted 12×12 Thirty Page Artisan Album
    • Two 10×10 Thirty Page Parent Album Clones
    • Private online gallery of all images for friends and family
    • Six-Hundred (or more) Digital Negatives on a Custom USB Drive
    • Canvas 20×24 Fine art Portrait
    • Complementary Engagement Session


  • 20160223TIPerez0514

    Classic Collection // $3100

    • All Day Photographic Coverage
    • Handcrafted 12×12 Thirty Page Artisan Album
    • Private online gallery of all images for friends and family
    • Three-Hundred (or more) Digital Negatives on a Custom USB Drive
    • Complementary Engagement Session


  • 0369Baldwin

    Simplicity Collection // $2300

    • All Day Photographic Coverage
    • Private online gallery of all images for friends and family
    • Three-Hundred (or more) Digital Negatives on a Custom USB Drive
    • Complementary Engagement Session