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Vermont Wedding // Eddie + Tori

This wedding was a scorcher! It was probably the hottest day of the year and the humidity was awful. It was a record breaker for sure. This was my first time at wedding venue Lake Bomoseen lodge in Castleton, Vermont and I have been back a few times since. If you are looking for a...

Vermont Wedding // Jessica + Adams

Not too often do I actually get to photograph winter weddings in Vermont as the main “wedding season” is typically may through October. This one without doubt was one of my favorite winter weddings.

How To Walk In Front Of The Camera For The Most Flattering Look

The past few days I’ve taught you:1. The Foundations of Posing2. How to Make Your Portraits NOT Cheesy3. Posing Your Hands and Arms So you won’t be the close to 40% of brides who have regrets with their wedding photographer. Crazy and sad thing is… at this point you may know more about posing than...

What To Wear For Your Engagement Session

What should you wear for your engagement session? 1. Stick to what makes you feel YOU The more comfortable you are with the style of outfit, the more comfortable you’ll feel and less awkward you’ll feel when posing in front of the camera :). Stick with your “style” and what makes you feel beautiful and...

How To Not Have FAKE Or CHEESY Couple Portraits

Even though wedding portraits are posed… no one wants portraits that LOOK posed. The more candid and authentic your portraits look the BETTER. Now there are tons of ways to ensure this… but just in case you have a photographer who doesn’t know what he’s doing, here’s one of the MAIN tips you can do....

How To Look Your Best In Your Wedding Portraits

The Foundations of Posing For Your Wedding Posing is an ART. But understandably it’s an art that a lot of couples are nervous about, and SADLY that a lot of so-called “professional” photographers actually don’t know how to direct correctly. So if you happen to have a photographer who doesn’t know how to pose you...

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Welcome to the Blog!

Thanks for stopping by! This blog is where I share all new and exciting things happening at Jon Adams Photography. Here is where my most recent weddings and photoshoots will be posted. I will also post a few bits about daily life, travel, business, editing, and more. Grab a cup of coffee and take a look around. Enjoy!



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