The past few days I've taught you:

1. The Foundations of Posing

2. How to Make Your Portraits NOT Cheesy

3. Posing Your Hands and Arms

So you won't be the close to 40% of brides who have regrets with their wedding photographer. Crazy and sad thing is... at this point you may know more about posing than most "professional" wedding photographers out there lol.

Today I'll teach you the correct way to WALK in front of the camera.

Remember how I talked about weight distribution for your portraits? It's the same thing for walking. If you walk normally, it's possible your portraits could look like a penguin walking.

So for the camera, what you want to do is walk as if you are walking on a straight line under you. 

Draw out an imaginary thin straight line in front of you… then pretend to walk on just that.

Yes it may feel weird and awkward.

But, This will change the weight distribution in your hips making it look much more flattering in the portrait. 

Look at the portrait below! That's the exact technique I had Katie and Kevin do.

It’s what I had Joe Kendra do.

And it was what I had Jesse and and Danny do here! (Psst this was actually one of my very first weddings maybe 7 years ago!)

Hope you enjoyed these tips!